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100 floors – walkthrough/cheats/answers level/floor 92

Challenge Yourself and see if you can make it to the TOP. According to the game developer, Tobi Apps Limited ,its the number 1 app on itunes
Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzle!100 levels of puzzles are waiting to be solved!

How do you play 100 floors on the iphone/ipad/ipod?

Unlock the door to get to the next level.

- To do that, pinch, poke, shake, tilt, swipe the on-screen images, to find a way to solve the puzzles.
- You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory.
- For the first floor, tap the green elevator button to open the door. Tap the green arrow behind the door to go to the next floor.
- For Floor 2, swipe the trash can to move it aside and tap the green arrow button behind it. Tap the button in your inventory and tap the grayed out arrow above the red arrow. Tap the green button once it is placed to open the door.
- Hint for Floor 4: What is the opposite motion of pinching?

Walkthrough /cheat /answer for level 92 is found below.Please scroll down.

Floor 92 is a very easy level. you just have to follow the steps found in the picture below and also you can read the notes. Level/floor 92 is a fun level whereby you will need to use some logic. All the other Walkthroughs of the 100 floors level are found in the archive of the website.We have a video tutorial as well, scroll down to find out more.

100 Floors Level 92 — Tap the arrows on the doors until the two left arrows are facing up, top right arrow is facing right, and bottom right arrow is facing down.

Image solution:

Video solution:

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