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Bike Race Free app for iPhone iPod and iPad cheats

Bike Race Free iphone ipod ipad walkthrough tips tricks cheatsThe bike race app for the ipod, iphone and ipad is a very popular game made by top free games. In this game you have to drive your bike through tracks with jumps and loops. It is a multiplayer game – once connected to facebook, you can challenge your friends.
To play,

You just need to tilt your device to lean your bike, and to stop or accelerate you have to touch the screen of your device.
You must earn stars to unlock new levels and it consists of 48 challenging tracks. To get the bike race free ipa click here 

This game has no walkthroughs or cheats till now but here under is a list of tips and tricks that might be useful to you.


Tips and Tricks for the Bike Race Free game. 

In the multi-player mode, you can delete players by pressing the ‘X’ next to the scores where it says wins and losses. If they are friend with you on facebook you can not delete them.




1. Desert Level of Bike race :

None yet



2. Arctic Level of Bike race : (these tips will get you 2 or 3 stars).


Arctic level 1 and Arctic Level 2- Just go fast, no special trick. Keep trying. You should easily get 3 stars


Arctic level 3 – Lean far back going off the first jump and you can get to the ramp below the circle.


Arctic Level 4 –  After you leave the first building, there is a jump to a second kind of structure. From there, there is another jump that takes you into a series of two loops that shoots you to the flag. By hitting the brake near the top of the jump and leaning back, you can land on the platform right behind you and go clear to the finish, bypassing the loop section.

Arctic Level 5 – Hit the brakes on the top of the first jump and you can fall to the bottom of another jump, bypassing the loop. From here, you can go to the right and easily get onto the lower and faster of the two paths.

Arctic Level 6 – No walkthrough available yet.

Arctic Level 7 – Brake immediately and lean back to skip the first jump and go to the lower level. From there you have to have the perfect angle to get over the circle, lean back.

Arctic Level 8 –  After the first jump, you land on a downward ramp. Break about halfway through the ramp, then lift the break and do not accelerate again, the momentum should carry you below the hole you are supposed to hit and straight on to the semi-circle. Its a little tricky to nail the timing so you can consistantly hit the platform on the semi-circle, but you’ll get it with a little practice. From there, proceed normally, its still hard to nail the section with the loop flinging you backwards into the semi-circle and onto the ramp to the finish.